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 League Structure

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PostSubject: League Structure   Thu May 22, 2008 7:35 pm

Rookie Draft Pick Restrictions:

Obviously there is a high desire to trade for as many Rookie Draft Picks as you can. However, due to restrictions on the game, all teams are restricted to having 10 maximum Rookie Draft picks. So keep in mind that while you are allowed to trade Draft picks, you cannot house more than 10 total draft picks at any given time.
We will be using an imported draft class, so rookie picks will have an increased value.

Roster Count Limit:

This number should be housed at the very top of your Depth Chart, if it is not, please count the number of players you have on your roster and place it there.

There is a limit of 54 Players (Madden allows you to have 54 instead of 53 players on your team). When the Roster Cut Deadline (to be announced) arrives you MUST be at or below 55 Players. If you are above this # then cuts will be made for you by the administration accordingly.

Trades that would take you over the roster limit or free agent signings that would take you over the roster limit are prohibited.

Positional Requirements:

QB - 2
RB - 3
FB - 1
WR - 4
TE - 2
LT - 2
LG - 2
C - 2
RG - 2
RT - 2
LE - 2
RE - 2
DT - 3
LOLB - 2
ILB - 2
ROLB - 2
CB - 4
FS - 2
SS - 2
K - 1
P - 1

Trade Decisional Guidelines:

These are the things that will/should be looked at and fully considered when Administrators are voting on trades. ALL trades are subject to potential second review and reversal. If you have a complaint about a trade, DO NOT pm an administrator. Simply Post your complaint into the Feedback forum that is what it is there for.


Age, Overall Rating, Potential, Immediate Impact on team, Length of Contract.


GM's need to be active, this includes actually signing on, checking and responding to your PM's, posting your contract resignings (if you have any), posting your Team Trading Block, etc.

Signing on once a month and never checking your inbox, or never responding to messages is not only irritating it's unacceptable. And it can result in your replacement
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League Structure
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